Donald Ryan talk cancelled

Apologies for the short notice but Dr. Donald P. Ryan is unable to join to deliver his lecture on his work in the Valley of the Kings, which was scheduled for Wednesday, 28 February 2018; weather conditions are affecting his ability to reach the UK.

At the moment Dr. Carolyn Graves-Brown has kindly agreed to step in with a “Curator’s Choice” lecture, sharing some of the highlights of the Egypt Centre. However, please do check the Egypt Centre’s Facebook page before setting out to double check if there may have to be a further cancelation due to bad weather.

Friends of the Egypt Centre February Lecture, 28 February 2018

The Valley of the Kings: Research and Discoveries in Several of the Lesser-known Tombs.

Dr. Donald P. Ryan (Pacific Lutheran University, Washington, USA).

The goal of the Pacific Lutheran University, Valley of the Kings Project, is to investigate several of the undecorated and typically smaller tombs found among the larger tombs in Egypt’s New Kingdom royal cemetery.

Over the years, the project has excavated 11 such tombs including KV 60 (with its purported mummy of Hatshepsut), KV 21 (a tomb likely for two 18th dynasty royal women), KV 48 (the tomb of the vizier of Amenhotep II), and three small tombs which contained the mummies of animals.

The project’s director, Donald P. Ryan, will provide a summary of the work thus far.

Location: Fulton House Room 2, Swansea University.

Time: Doors open at 6.30pm with the lecture starting at 7.00pm.